Barren land transformed to an oasis of greens!

May 4, 2018

Junus David – World Vision Australia

When you look at the bright green vegetation, you may have thought I was at a fertile farmland here in Somaliland. Not quite yet.

I was at one of the FMNR sites and the feeling was amazing. The second picture shows the larger view of the site. The land was barren for many years and now slowly producing some vegetation. This FMNR project started in Beerato village (Odwayne district, Togdheer Region) in July 2016, and treatment on this barren land started in Nov 2016. In less than 18 months, the treated spots already shown visible improvement. Overtime the regeneration will also spread to large areas. This site is now become one of the demonstration plots for other villages to learn. Already other communities are following FMNR practices without the support of WV. This site was recently visited by other agency for learning.

WV Somalia learned FMNR in 2012 and started FMNR at the western part of Somaliland in April 2013. Since then many treated sites are now covered with vegetation. There are 5 FMNR experts on staff and 28 champions at the community level. Government of Somaliland has been supporting FMNR. Now WV is introducing FMNR in Puntland and hopefully other parts of Somalia (when security permits).