Eco-Agric project in Mali empowered 11 FMNR facilitators

September 11, 2014

World Vision in partnership with Margaret Cargill Foundation (MACF) started the project “Eco-agriculture in the Sahel” in Mali to improve community resilience, farmer livelihood and environmental stewardship by promoting agro ecological technics such as FMNR.  One of the important steps in attaining this objective was to initiate a large number of farmers to these technics through training.

A workshop was organized to train facilitators in teaching farmers how to implement FMNR technic. The three day workshop took place in the Beledougou ADP, in Kolokani from the 7th to the 9th of April. There were a total of eleven facilitators including 10 men and a woman. The training was led by an NGO partners “MaliMark”. Malimark is well known national NGO with many years of experience in training facilitators in agro-ecological and other broader NRM technics implementation at the national level.

Training session
Group photo for the newly “graduated” facilitators

The objective of the workshop was to train facilitators in understanding the technique of FMNR, so they can support farmers in targeted regions to implement it alone or with agro-ecological tools through field school. The main topics covered during the workshop included an overview on FMNR (Definition, historic and objective), challenges to FMNR development, actions favoring the expansion of FMNR, tree species and FMNR, the steps of FMNR implementation etc…

In addition to the theoretical aspects of FMNR, facilitators also had the chance to apply during the field practice how to implement the technic of FMNR with the help of the instructors. They also learned about the challenges that are hampering FMNR development in the region.

Gaoussou  Diarra  is Coordinator of the Secretariat of Eco-Agric in the Sahel for World Vision Mali and oversees the implementation of the FMNR project in the country.