Edible trees in refugee settlements, NW Uganda

April 5, 2018

An IFAD funded project found an inventory of 50 tree species of which 12 are edible and a rich source of both macro and micro-nutrients in the diets of the refugees and the local communities.

As these species are essential as a source of food, nutrition and income for families, the group identifies the following recommendations as a strategy for protection and promotion of them:

  • Advancing on-going marking of trees to reduce accidental or intentional cuttings
  • Promoting regeneration of the species through farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR)
  • Raising the seedlings of the species in nurseries and supporting planting programmes within restoration, reforestation and homestead tree growing schemes.
  • Community dialogues, radio programmes on their use and value
  • Discouraging burning of these species for charcoal or cutting for firewood through persuasion, behaviour change and bye laws.
  • Instituting strict rules and regulations regarding the exploitation of such species and imposing disincentives to discourage destructive actions.
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