Humbo forestry project from the air

August 5, 2014

This photo made me very happy today.

World Vision Ethiopia & World Vision Australia worked extremely hard to pull off the Humbo community managed reforestation project, facing many very difficult challenges along the way. Since then, the direct benefits to the community which had been receiving famine relief assistance to one degree or another since 1984, have been amazing – fodder, fuel wood, honey, traditional medicines, indigenous fruits, lower temperatures, reduced flooding, lower impact of drought and much more. In addition, the communities are wisely investing the proceeds from selling carbon – they now have grain storage facilities and grinding mills saving hours of walking and hard labour for women, and putting food security and the means to manage it in the hands of the local communities. There is even talk of a tourism income stream, building a ‘super market’, and purchasing a vehicle to transport bricks to the growing city of Soddo.

My dream is to see these kinds of benefits replicated around the world. World Vision works in 100 countries and to one degree or another, they all suffer from deforestation and land degradation which impacts directly on child wellbeing. It is very exciting to be a part of this great movement and a privilege to be able to make even a small contribution.

Viva la revolution!

Tony Rinaudo is Natural Resources Advisor in the Food Security and Climate Change Team at World Vision Australia. Tony pioneered FMNR in Niger during the 1980s and his tecniques have been adopted by farmers all over the world