Kicking goals with FMNR

March 7, 2016

By Sarah McKenzie (World Vision Australia)      

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The Youth Group of Kiryamasasa have been transformed by Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration. This group of 30 Ugandan youths have formed an environmental protection group whereby they practice FMNR and teach it to others in the community. The regeneration of trees and the environment has seen many benefits for this group. One such benefit is an increase in income from selling tree products such as firewood or fence posts.

This increase in income has meant that they group was able to buy shares in the Village Savings and Loans group so they can borrow money for future endeavours. They were in turn able to train the savings group in FMNR, a new income-generating activity. The chairman of the Savings Group said since FMNR ‘life is at its best’

The leader of the group, Amosi (front left) has even requested land from his father to become a new demonstration site where the pruning of trees can be taught to even more people.

Through the FMNR East Africa project, funded by World Vision Australia and the Australian Government, this group have also been provided with bee hives which they are using to collect honey. This honey is used to generate income and to make medicine. Through the training these groups have received on FMNR they have carefully selected a sight with many trees to be used as a windbreak so the bees can be undisturbed.

With the pruned branches Amosi was able to construct some goals for the group to play soccer. The whole community was impressed and now they all come to him. ‘Everyone knows I have good wood from practicing FMNR’ Amosi said ‘so now they all want me to make goal posts’.