President Kikwete supports FMNR movement in Tanzania

October 8, 2014

On 29th August 2014, the President of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete and his entourage had the opportunity to hear and learn about Kisiki Haia, the Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration movement of Tanzania.

Two gifts prepared by LEAD Foundation and offered to the President during a visit in Mpwapwa prompted the FMNR teaching.

Retired Bishop, Simon Chiwanga, chairman of the LEAD Foundation, first presented to the President a poster of the Kisiki Haia movement’s call to action. On receiving it, he observed it very carefully and then came up with the question, “Where is this Kisiki Hai?” A brief explanation of the history and spread of FMNR was offered, and the FMNR 2020 Vision for Tanzania was illustrated. The President, still on his feet, listened attentively.

At the end of the exposition, he said, “I have got it! I am now educated. I will definitely support the Kisiki Hai movement.”

Then a souvenir was presented, bearing a quotation from his 2012 Environment Day Celebrations. Again he read the quote very keenly and asked Simon Chiwanga to read it out loud to the people gathered. Then the President added: “We must continue educating people”.

He repeated his pledge in his address to the huge crowd, and called upon everyone to support the Kisiki Haia initiative in order to combat desertification and improve production. He used that occasion to disclose that his fellow African Presidents had asked him to be the Africa Spokesperson on environmental issues.

He repeated once again his pledge to support FMNR before leaving Mpwapwa and invited the LEAD Foundation to provide him with more FMNR material.