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Forest Maker Training Video
FMNR World Vision Kenya – Mogotio story
How FMNR helps to ease climate change

Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration is a simple, cheap and efficient way to reduce the emission of carbon. This video shows examples in Malawi and Ethiopia.

FMNR: A green Africa is possible

It’s cheap, fast and effective: Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration helps Farmers in Africa and other developing countries to double their crop yield in a sustainable way.

Emilie Smith FMNR Lecture

This lecture on Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, the case study of Mali is part of the lecture series prepared for the University of Bangor in Wales. Shared by World Agroforestry Centre

Farmer managed natural regeneration of trees in the Sahel, Africa

The Barahogon Association in Mali has had remarkable success in fighting desertification using simple, low cost techniques to restore tree cover in fields and thereby keeping dryland farms viable. Almost completely bare soils were turned into productive farmland with over 200 trees per hectare, without planting or watering a single seedling. Shared by ILEIA Foundation

Renew The Land – FMNR in Timor-Leste

Australian agricultural expert, Tony Rinaudo, looks at the impact of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) in sub-Saharan Africa and in Timor-Leste. Timorese farmer Manuel da Silva explains why FMNR is important for his land, family and community.

The basic concepts of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration


Funded by IFAD, IIED, World Bank Institute and Vreij Universitat (Amsterdam) and filmed in West Africa, this short video offers an overview of the basic concepts underpinning FMNR and explains how to release the potential of an underground forest through natural regeneration of trees and sustainable farming.

FMNR: a good news story for a deforested and degraded world

It’s time to let the genie out of the bottle. Tony Rinaudo presents this good news story for a deforested and degraded world – it’s all about Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), something that can be implemented relatively quickly with a low budget and have a great impact. FMNR has big implications for income generation, Disaster Risk Reduction, reducing proness to famine, conflict reduction, land and forest restoration, food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation… amongst other things.

Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration: success stories from Burkina Faso

This video by the MARP network from Burkina Faso documents some success stories related to the implementation by local farmers of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration in Burkina Faso.

Land for Life Award – World Vision Australia, FMNR

By popularizing the concept of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), World Vision Australia has changed how thousands of farmers manage their land, helping them cultivate buried root systems or “underground forests,” in degraded landscapes, over time restoring productivity. Over the last 20 years, World Vision has trained thousands of farmers in FMNR, resulting in the restoration of thousands of hectares in West Africa and beyond.

In recognition for their work, World Vision Australia has won the 2013 Land for Life Award.

Clean Development Projects: Humbo Community Managed Forestry Project

Presented at the 2013 UNFCCC conference on Climate Change, this short video explores an additional benefit of FMNR projects. Carbon sequestration from the regeneration of trees can generate a source of income for the communities that have adopted sustainable practices.

Tanya Pinto in Ethiopia – Humbo Reforestation

In 2012, Tanya Pinto volunteered for World Vision International in Ethiopia. In this video she is in Humbo – an area where one of the world’s largest reforestation projects has taken place.

 Re-greening in Niger, a road trip with Dr Chris Reij

This 9 minute film is an insight into the work of soil and water conservation expert and Drylands Champion, Dr Chris Reij. In June 2012 director Mark Dodd joined him on a whistle-stop tour of communities in southern Niger. This area is right on the edge of the Sahara desert and yet growing in the sandy soil are an abundance of vegetables, cereal crops and trees. The film was made with funding support from IFAD.

Trees of Life: Humbo reforestation project

Produced by the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, the video presents the success story of the Humbo reforestation project.

 FMNR: Everything is Connected

This video highlights the importance of environmental sustainability for human development. It discusses the the social, environmental and economic benefits of FMNR