Timor-Leste Technical Notes

January 23, 2014

Timor-Leste is striving to become the centre for FMNR excellence in its region. This is a great encouragement in that FMNR was only introduced in 2011 and the national World Vision office has been convinced by the excellent results to date to develop FMNR expertise and to hold a national FMNR Conference in April 2014.

The BRACCE (Building Resilience to a Changing Climate and Environment) project, featuring FMNR, has been running for a couple years now and when World Vision Australia’s Natural Resources Advisor, Tony Rinaudo visited the project in November 2013 trip he was tremendously impressed by the way the project had progressed:

“The destructive practice of slash and burn agriculture and burning of bushland has all but stopped in the Aileu district. People are more optimistic about the future – and this is a really significant change together with the transformed landscape. Through the adoption of FMNR hope is being restored and people are freer to actively plan for a bright future.”

The Up from the ashes – Timor-Leste Technical Notes report captures these positive outcomes and highlights areas for further improvements with precise and practical comments and recommendations.

Up From The Ashes: Timor-Leste Technical Notes