Uganda Technical Notes

May 29, 2014

Uganda is one of the four countries participating in the FMNR for East Africa project. The project has introduced sustainable and  improved land management practices and it is already bearing results, such as increased vegetation cover and availability of fodder for livestock-keeping communities.

Uganda offers great challenges: the country is losing around 86,000 hectares of forest per year, with some selected landscapes stripped of their vegetation cover through poor land management practices, such as overgrazing, wild fires, indiscriminate tree harvesting and charcoal production. Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration is now bringing new hope to the rural communities with its simple and cost effective approach to natural resources management.

Ahead of the upcoming FMNR National Conference in Kampala (July 2014) we are glad to share Tony Rinaudo’s Uganda Technical Notes, where country-specific challenges are addressed and useful recommendations provided.

“I see Uganda as one of the high potential FMNR countries. It has rich biodiversity, high rainfall, fertile soils, a strong civil society environment lobby, enormous markets for wood and non timber forest products, model forest policies and strong political will”

(Tony Rinaudo, Uganda Technical Notes)

Uganda Technical Notes