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Welcome to the FMNR Hub website dedicated to Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR). With its wealth of resources and information the FMNR Hub website is the go-to destination about this innovative approach to beating hunger through restoring degraded farmlands and forests.

This website is managed by the Food Security and Natural Resources team
World Vision Australia

Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration

Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) is a low-cost land restoration technique used to combat poverty and hunger amongst poor subsistence farmers by increasing food and timber production and resilience to climate extremes.

In practice, FMNR involves the systematic regrowth and management of trees and shrubs from felled tree stumps, sprouting root systems or seeds. The regrown trees and shrubs – integrated into crops and grazing pastures – help restore soil structure and fertility, inhibit erosion and soil moisture evaporation, rehabilitate springs and the water table, and increase biodiversity. Some tree species also impart nutrients such as nitrogen into the soil.

As a result, FMNR can double crop yields, provide building timber and firewood, fodder and shade for livestock, wild foods for nutrition and medication, and increased incomes and living standards for farming families and their communities.

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The Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) Hub within World Vision Australia’s Food Security and Natural Resources team leads and fosters the development of FMNR globally through coordination, communication, collaboration, technical support, building scientific credibility, advocacy and project fundraising.

The Hub is led by World Vision Australia’s Natural Resource Management Advisor, Tony Rinaudo, who pioneered FMNR in Niger during the 1983 famine and is regarded as the leading expert in FMNR worldwide.

 Project Activities:

  • Initiate projects in new regions through scoping, training workshops and conferences.
  • Maintain a website that acts as a communications hub and knowledge bank.
  • Build and coordinate a global movement through a network of partners and collaborators.
  • Advocate and raise funds for FMNR projects.
  • Project technical support (World Vision currently funds 12 long-term FMNR projects).
  • Build scientific credibility through operational research and evaluation.


FMNR Champions

Mary Morris

Mary has been supporting FMNR since 2010 from the Natural Environment and Climate Issues team of World Vision International

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Amanda Jane Breidahl

World Vision Ambassador Amanda Jane Breidahl strongly advocates for environmental restoration and poverty alleviation.

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Norbert Akolbila

The late Norbert Akolbila was wholeheartedly committed to spreading Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration across Africa. He was our first FMNR Champion.

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