FMNR Projects

Beylene Sen Tol Group Shot

Senegal: Beylene Sen Tol

The Beylene Sen Tol Project aims to sustainably improve the economic and environmental livelihoods of poor rural households in Senegal.

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MALI FMNR Jul 09 westonp 031

Mali: Eco-agric in the Sahel

World Vision US and the Margaret A Cargill Foundation are funding the Eco-Agric in the Sahel project to support farming communities throughout Western Africa

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SAPLIP_Farmer and cow

Kenya: Samburu Pastoral Livelihoods Improvement Programme

Samburu County going green through FMNR and natural resources management

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Indonesia: East Sumba INFOCUS

Increase Food Security within the Community through Sustainable Livelihood and Natural Resources Management System

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FMNR for East Africa: Kenya

In Kenya FMNR has increased the farmers’ supply of a range of products that farming households can either consume or sell, such as firewood, food, medicine and fodder

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Com Farm2 - Father Daughter Farming

Resilience project in Timor Leste

The BRACCE project in Timor-Leste is increasing environmental and community resilience to climate change through reforestation and agroforestry...

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Soddo Forestry Project

Another reforestation project in Ethiopia that benefits the environment and the communities with access to carbon markets...

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FMNR for East Africa

FMNR for East Africa is a five-year program which commenced in 2012 in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda …

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Ghana Talensi project

The Talensi FMNR project was a pioneering collaboration between World Vision Australia and World Vision Ghana implemented in the Talensi region over a three-year period...

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FMNR farmer with edible pods

Senegal Beysatol project

Senegalese agriculture is largely rain-fed; yields and produce are directly subject to climatic risk. FMNR was brought to Senegal primarily to increase agricultural production and household revenue.

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